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Hand-Delivering Home Improvement

Have the inspiration for your next home project, but without the items to make it happen?

We’re the helper that brings everything you need—from the store straight to your door.


1-Hour Item Delivery from the Home Improvement Stores You Know and Trust

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#DIY Has Never Been Easier

iDrop’s app makes home improvement so easy, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t started on your project sooner. Simply select the items you need, place your order, and we’re on our way.

Our up-to-the-minute updates on every delivery keep you in the loop and allow you to update your order in real-time.


My first order from iDrop was a breeze! Nice being able to get stuff from Lowe’s that other ordering services can’t get... like a new plant! Delivered in an hour!


Samantha Selig

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Kelly Hartman

One happy hubby! He can now get Lowe’s delivered right to the door thanks to iDrop.

DIY project supplies before 8am is a totally win! 



Customers ♡ iDrop, and we ♡ you!

Get More Done as a PRO

As a pro contractor, running around for materials is not only time-consuming and expensive, but it also leads to lost production on your job sites.  Instead, use our solution to streamline material delivery so you can focus on running your job sites efficiently.

“The convenience of iDrop's fast and reliable delivery service has saved me valuable time, allowing me to focus on the job at hand without worrying about running out of supplies”  - Samantha Bennett, Vibrant Brushworks

“iDrop's 1-hour delivery window is a game-changer for me, as I no longer need to interrupt my work to head to the store mid-project. Instead, I can place an order online and have it delivered straight to my job site within an hour.” – Ryan Davis, AquaFlow Plumbing Solutions

“I highly recommend iDrop to any pro contractor looking for a reliable and efficient way to get the materials they need for their projects. Their app is user-friendly, their delivery service is fast and reliable, and their rates are competitive”– Ethan Thompson,TimberCraft Carpentry Services

Get the app

Download the app, and shop! 

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